The production of this pilot was supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

Columbia University

Center for Contemporary Black History

Manning Marable, Professor of History and Political Science
Research associates: Megan French and Zaheer Ali

Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

Executive Producers: Frank Moretti, Maurice Matiz
Producers: Ryan Kelsey, Mark Phillipson
Project manager: Paul Stengel
Web developer: Zarina Mustapha
Video production: Stephanie Ogden, Acacia Graddy-Gamel
Quality assurance: Ken Petricig, Briana Ferrigno
Digital resources management: Keisha Manning

Amistad Digital Resource (Concept Site)

The Amistad Digital Resource concept site was developed by the Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures.

Project directors: Manning Marable, Kate Wittenberg
Project editor: Harriet Jackson
Research associate: Megan French
Intern: Catherine Mulhall

Media Credits

NBC video courtesy of NBC News .

Other media credits accompany the media in context.